WOW TBC Classic – Quick Tips to Grind Gold Every Day!

WOW TBC Classic – Quick Tips to Grind Gold Every Day!

In WOW The Burning Crusade Classic (TBCC), most of the in-game items, equipment and weapons cost you invariable amounts of currency to purchase.

These can range from small amounts of copper coins, to insane gold prices for the most exclusive and luxurious gear.

However, if you’ve got your gold-mining blueprints right, you can certainly enjoy loads of gold by the end of the first week, through hard work and perseverance.

Here are some of the basic practices that you should be doing to gather plenty of gold in no time:

1) Don’t be overly picky with the loot!

  • Defeating countless creatures in TBCC will undoubtedly lead you to collect innumerable numbers of low-tier materials and items which may seem to be useless for anyone at all.
  • Still, if you can spare some time and storage space for them, you can make some quick errand runs between killing mobs and trading with the local merchant (using the low grade items/ equipment) to make quick money instantly.
  • Do this as a habit, and you won’t even notice the first few hundred gold that you had just made during the past two weeks!

2) Always clean out your bags!

  • Similar to other MMORPGs, if you are a constant hoarder of materials and items, your inventory space will surely be filled within the couple few minutes of game time.
  • Although it is highly recommended to expand your bag’s inventory space – either by crafting higher-grade bags or purchase one from the Auction House – you should always remember to do some ‘spring cleaning’ before partaking in any Dungeon or Raid to collect valuable loot and rewards.
  • You wouldn’t want to lose out on that Legendary weapon to be sold later on, just because you no longer have space in your bag, right?

3) Utilize your profession optimally, for profit! (craft and sell items)

  • After you’ve chosen your preferred in-game profession early on throughout your journey, persistently crafting items or gear (even low grade ones) to be sold to the local NPC or even the Auction House can certainly reap the words for you, in the long run.
  • If you consistently check out the Auction House on a regular basis, you will get a firm idea of which items or materials are in demand, thus allowing you to plan out what to craft or gather to be sold later on (at a premium/ high price based on demand).

4) Always do Daily Quests!

  • Arguably the quickest way to make gold is to always complete as much Daily Quests as you can, every single day.
  • Not only will you grind experience, you will also be able to quickly earn that sweet in-game currency without the need to go through the fuss of selling things off on the market, amongst other ways.
  • Another reason to note is that these quests refresh daily (hence the name), so you can believe that earning a few hundred gold in less than one month is no pipe dream at all.

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