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Nonetheless, she didn’t reciprocate his emotions as she was already in love with another dancer named Gunasekaran. Priya is in love with Vishwanathan, a dance professor who reciprocates her emotions. Their love is supported by Saravanan, who requests Kandaswamy to arrange their marriage. Round hundred and fifty years ago, a king named Vettaiyan traveled to Vizianagaram in Andhra Pradesh, where he met and fell in love with a dancer named Chandramukhi. Senthil’s mother, Kasthuri, needed Senthil to marry Priya, the daughter of his father’s cousin Kanda Swamy, to reunite the 2 branches of the family after 30 years of separation as a result of Senthils father selected to marry Kasthuri as an alternative to Kandaswamy’s sister, Akhilandeshwari, who can also be his cousin.

Her daughter is Baby Buttons, who my dress up darling Official Merch can also be telekinetic. She arrives at the Ponyville train station, where Apple Bloom introduces her to the other Cutie Mark Crusaders, who then presents her with the clubhouse and their giant pumpkin float for the Float Parade. In the same episode, it was informed that this had helped contribute to the foundation of Ponyville. Chandramukhi was produced by Prabhu and his brother Ramkumar Ganesan by their firm Sivaji Productions and is the company’s 50th movie. The son of King Charming from every story where Prince Charming involves in the rescue and the brother of Daring Charming and Darling Charming. After listening to Chandramukhis story, Ganga, who thinks that the story was fabricated to maintain thieves from stealing treasures in the room, wishes to go there.

Consequently, Chandramukhi’s ghost tried to take revenge on Vettaiyan, who, with the help of assorted priests and sorcerers from all around the nation, tamed the ghost by locking it in an urn, which is saved on the shelf in a room situated within the palaces south-west corner which is guarded by a king cobra. Because of this, Vettaiyan took her again to his palace by power. Vettaiyan, too, died after a few days. When Vettaiyan found this, he beheaded Gunasekaran on Durgashtami and burnt Chandramukhi alive. Unknown to him, Chandramukhi made Gunasekaran keep in a house opposite and met him secretly. Chandramukhi was released on 14 April 2005 on the eve of the Tamil New Year. The film gained 5 Tamil Nadu State Movie Awards, four Movie Followers Association Awards, and two Filmfare Awards.