A Well Crafted Fiction Movie About Pandemic: Virus

Virus movie is based on the true story that happened a few years ago in Kerala. This movie was directed by  Aashiqabu and released in the year 2019. This movie is properly made based on real facts and showed everything in a fictional way to make sure that it feels like more of a fictional movie. This is one of the best thriller movies online that you must see as it relates most to the current situation of our world. You can watch the Virus movie online only on Aha.


The story begins with Zakariya Mohammad who suffers from symptoms that doctors aren’t familiar with. He will be brought to Government medical college in Kozhikode where they plan to test his results properly. But in a few hours, he dies. Doctor Geetha, who was holding zakariya’s CT scan, will also get infected by that unknown disease and starts to suffer from symptoms. As nurses and other doctors check Geetha’s blood pressure, the scale goes up and down without standing still which makes her situation complicated. A nurse named Akhila who nursed Zakariya also got infected with this strange disease and soon it showed to be spread throughout the surrounding areas as the number of cases gets increased. Dr. Salim, a neurologist, goes to meet Zakariya’s father Razak where the Dr. Sunil notices some different kinds of symptoms in him relating to poisoning and Japanese encephalitis with other such infections. Dr. Salim doubts it to be a Nipah Virus and asks Dr. Suresh Rajan to conduct a sample test of Nipah virus. They collect some samples from Zarakiya’s sister, Suhana.

Then the death rate increases in the hospital as doctors confirm that the stranger virus is the Nipah virus. Nipah virus is shown to be spreading across the Kozhikode and nearby districts. Then they show the nurse Akhila, who suffers a lot from the symptoms, writes a letter to her husband and dies in peace. Her struggle for the symptoms has been the most torturous pain anyone can go through. They try to keep it silent as they don’t want to scare people and make them create their own theories of bio war or etc., As an emergency situation, Health Minister C K Prameela and District Collector Paul V Abraham IAS camps in Kozhikode to tackle the crisis along with a team of medical practitioners and healthcare professionals. Their motive is to make sure to destroy the virus before it goes out of control. They also step in to make sure people don’t think of this virus as a biowar started by any country. Eventually after such struggles, they, altogether, conclude with an announcement that the city is clean from Nipah Virus. In the end of the film, it will be shown that Zakariya took a picture of a bat to post it in his social media account. That breed of bats are known as flying fox which could possibly be the reason for his symptoms.

Cast and Crew:

Director: Aashiq Abu

Producer: Aashiq Abu, Rima Kallingal

Writer: MuhsinParari, Sharfu, Suhas

Music: SushinShyam

Actors: KunchackoBoban, Tovino Thomas, Parvathy Thiruvothu, Asif Ali, Rahman, SoubinShahir

This film will totally relate to the current scenario that we are facing in today’s world. That is the first pandemic the government had gone through a lot in terms of national security. This is a best thriller movies online and you can watch the Virus movie online on aha.